• Introducing :: Pacifier Clips!


    I’m super excited to announce the newest product in the MarshMueller line:

    Pacifier Clips!


    New Paci Clips Graphic

    During the Crazy Craft Show Prep of 2012, I got an idea on what I could make out of all my fabric scraps, AND ensure it was a pretty and practical item that would fit with my current product line.

    But I wanted the pacifier clips to be as safe as possible.

    The Boy loved pacifiers. He had colic, so the Soothie/Gumdrop pacifiers (those pacifiers in the photo above are Gumdrop pacis) were a godsend. Sometimes it was the only thing to calm him down.

    If the Soothie/Gumdrop pacifiers were a godsend, so were pacifier clips, as my guy loved to watch them bounce under the sofa as he dropped them.

    Seriously, why DO they bounce to an area that is super hard to reach when they are dropped??

    I received two pacifier clips for my baby shower. They. Were. Adorable!

    But they had problems.

    Like scary, choking-hazard, possible-high-lead-content-problems.

    One had a super cute felt owl design on the clippy end, but it began to fall apart after only a month of use. With the obvious swallowing hazard, I tossed it and made the other paci clip our go-to comfort item for our boy.

    The second one was personalized with my son’s name in metal square letter beads on a ring…which was great until he discovered it, and the next thing I knew, I was taking him out of his car seat, and he had that metal ring COVERED in saliva. That’s how babies are. Everything goes in their mouth. So that one was tossed, too. I wasn’t sure if the metal beads or the metal ring itself were free of hard metals, like lead.

    So while researching and pricing out the components for the pacifier clips, I found a fellow Etsy seller who sold the suspender clips, and they are LEAD FREE. I even have the testing certificate to prove it.

    Now onto those snaps. Lo and behold, the Snapsetter brand of snaps sold at Fabric Depot are CPSIA compliant, meaning they test at or below the levels for lead by the levels mandated by the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act.

    I never would have thought I’d be excited by government-mandated safety requirements, but when you’re a parent, everything changes.

    I also thought I would be able to use The Boy as a model for these little clips, as he used them most of his life.

    And then he stopped using the pacifier.

    Did I take the paci away from him?


    He gave up the binkie himself.

    I have totally lucked out with this kid. Just when we were concerned about having to break him of swaddling so he could go to sleep without it, he broke out of every Daddy-approved swaddle just to prove he could do it. No more swaddling.

    When he got a cold and couldn’t breathe through his nose, out popped the paci at bedtime. He never looked back.

    Even though I feared a paci relapse, I tried to get him to sit and model a pacifier clip for me.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.32.12 PM

    Nope. He just chewed on it. So I had to photograph them sans baby.

    But at least I still have a carseat that won’t chew on the pacis!

    Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.32.24 PM

    I posted a few paci clips in the ‘ol Etsy shop, but more will be posted as I get a moment after I put The Boy to bed tonight.


    Holly Marsh
    Holly Marsh

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