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    It's Earth Day, and there's a ton of work to do. Instead of fretting, let's take action! One of the biggest things we can do to make an impact is to reduce the amount of plastic in our lives. YES, even during a pandemic. In fact, it's all the more reason to work towards a more sustainable life.

    One easy way to reduce plastic in your daily life is to stop using plastic baggies for lunches and snacks. My collection of Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags help you say goodbye to little plastic baggies.

    I designed these bags using a food-safe PUL interior. What is PUL? It's short for polyurethane laminate, and it's non-porous, wipeable/cleanable, and free from PVC, phthalates, and other yucky things.

    PLUS!! They are washer/dryer friendly (you read that right). I've even had customers wash theirs in their dishwasher.* 

    While they are named "Reusable Snack Bags," these little handmade bags can do so much more! 

    Bento Box Reusable Snack bag with little fruit erasers around it on a grey background
    Image Description: A Reusable Snack Bag in a sushi print, with little food erasers surrounding it on a grey background

    Reusable Snack Bags: 5 Ways

    1:: A Reusable Snack Bag and/or Sandwich Bag for your kiddo's school lunch

    I designed these bags when my oldest son started kindergarten. He's an incredibly picky eater, so packing a lunch is a must. I was floored at the amount of little plastic baggies we were going through at the beginning of the schoolyear. At first I was afraid he was going to lose the bags, but they came home with his lunch box every day. The same could not be said for his hoodies, though...


    Image Description: A Marshmueller Reusable Snack Bag in a dinosaurs and robots print with Goldfish crackers spilling out onto the counter, with pita bread triangles in a plastic bag, a circular hummus container, and a pizza cutter.

    Even if you're still in remote learning, we are all hoping the fall or soon afterward means in-person learning can finally happen again in a more "normal" fashion. It's so easy to default to packing lunches using disposable everything, but that's over 180 days of additional plastic waste that could have been prevented. 

    Treat these bags like the reusable masks your kiddos are wearing- toss 'em right in the washer when they get home. Best way to do this is to pull out the PUL liner outside of the zipper, wash it, then tuck it back in before tossing in the dryer.

    2 :: Doggie Treat Bag

    Yes, for real! I've had a few customers who use my Reusable Snack Bag for doggo treats, and they say it's the perfect size for treats, or using while training. 

    Reusable Snack Bag made by Marshmueller in a green bitmap print fabric with dog food inside
    Image Description: A Reusable Snack Bag filled with dog food. The bag is shown open with the dog food inside. The strap has a blue carabiner attached.

    3 :: Bag for wet/leaky things OR to protect goods from getting wet

    These bags are pretty much a miniature version of my amply-sized Wet Bag, so using it to protect your phone while at the beach is brilliant. Or if you need a container to, well, contain things that are wet (pacifiers that need cleaning, reusable menstrual products, etc.), this little bag can help!

    4 :: Stash bag

    I'm not gonna lie, I've had folks buy my Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags for a place to hold their stash. If you know what I mean. Come on, USA, just legalize it already. 

    5 :: Road trip crayon bag

    You know what's one of the worst sounds on a road trip? The sound of crayons spilling all over the backseat. This usually happens when you're on a long stretch of freeway with no visible exits anytime soon. 

    Putting crayons in my Reusable Snack Bag for my youngest was one of the best things for road trips. Even when he was a toddler, this bag was easy for his little hands to handle, unzip, rezip, and add/remove crayons without spilling them all over. 

    Marshmueller Reusable Snack Bag with crayons inside
    Image Description: A Reusable Snack Bag with crayons showing out of the unzipped top

    I've recently got my ish together and finally bundled these little bags, so if you end up getting a few sets, you'll save some money!

    By now you probably have a few ideas of how you can use my Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bagsto reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your life. If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them- post them in the comments. 

    *Throwing your Reusable Snack or Sandwich Bags in your dishwasher isn't something I mention explicitly, and that's because many dishwashers vary in their heat and drying temperature settings. If your dishwasher is an old-ass one like the one I have, and its "Dry" temperature isn't super hot, throwing them in the dishwasher works just fine. 

    Holly Marsh
    Holly Marsh

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