• Wet Bags:: Your key to being Summer-Ready

    I know it might still feel weird with the concept of making plans for outings and vacations, and you're not alone. It's an exciting yet nerve-wracking concept, especially after the year-plus we've been in this pandemic. 

    My family and I have booked a vacation to stay in a cabin near Crater Lake later this summer, and I couldn't be more excited.

    Only I fret about the concept of packing for the trip.

    It's been a LONG time since I've had to pack for anywhere, and I worry about forgetting something essential.

    One essential thing that I know I'll be packing is one of my Wet Bags.

    Marshmueller Wet Bag flatlay with phone, towel, book, sunglasses, and sunscreen on a solid grey background

    Wait, what exactly is a Wet Bag?
    A Wet Bag is basically a bag to put wet things inside and it keep them from getting other things wet. It could also be for things you want to keep dry.

    My Wet Bags are made with a waterproof, food-safe, PUL interior (a slick material known as polyurethane laminate), a YKK zipper, and a nifty handle with a snap for hanging it in places where convenient.

    Marshmueller Ice Cream Wet Bag

    Ways you can use a Wet Bag:
    • Storing wet clothes after a kiddo's swimming lesson
    • Keeping items safe from sand and water when at the beach
    • Sending to daycare/preschool for accidents or summertime water play
    • Packing items that could spill or leak during travel
    • Using to keep medical supplies or equipment
    • Storing in your car for kiddo accidents, blowouts, etc.
    • For cloth diapering

    I almost didn't design a Wet Bag for my line. I am a Cloth Diapering College Dropout. I had all the intent to cloth diaper my kids- I researched, purchased, and prepped cloth diapers (basically where you wash them a bunch of times in hot water to make them more absorbent). But when my oldest was born, it was revealed that he had colic. I tried to use the cloth diaper on him, but it just pissed him off more. And that's the last thing a parent needs when faced with a colicky baby. We went disposable, and we never looked back.

    Since I didn't have a way of testing out a Wet Bag, I shelved the idea. Testing my products myself is typically how I do my own R & D. :)

    Fast forward a few years, and my oldest was in swimming lessons. You know what we used to store his wet clothes when he was done?

    A plastic grocery bag that was then placed in his backpack. 


    I knew it was the time to revisit the Wet Bag design. I opted to create mine on the larger side- many commercial Wet Bags are smaller, and I wanted mine to not only give ample size for cloth diapering, but to also allow room to store the swimwear of an adult. I've had plenty of folks purchase my Wet Bags to store their swimwear!

    Marshmueller Dragons Wet Bag

    Are you getting Summer-Ready?

    I'd love to hear your summer plans, even if it's staying at home for a little while longer. If you have grand plans to go somewhere fun, I hope you have a safe and wonderful time- and don't forget to snag a Wet Bag before you go!

    Holly Marsh
    Holly Marsh

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