• Sewing Machine Version 2.0

    So this is kind of old news, but only to me and those unfortunate souls who have had to tromp through my sewing studio throughout the summer in order to get to the backyard (gotta love a 900-square-foot house!):

    I upgraded my sewing machine.

    And yes, it’s another Janome.

    Aaannd yes…it’s another Hello Kitty edition.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.47.49 AM

    One of the upgrades I was hoping to afford this year was a new sewing machine. If you’ve been following along since last Fall (and THANK YOU if you have!), you might remember that both my iron and my sewing machine stopped working during the peak of my Craft Show Crazy Prep.

    I am so thankful to have a master of sewing and crafts nearby: my mother-in-law, who came to the rescue with her fancy schmancy sewing machine while mine got repaired.

    I learned a lesson during that stressful period of time:

    Have a backup plan (or sewing machine).

    My mother-in-law has a backup machine (which is the one she loaned to me), and my mom has a backup machine, too. Both are very experienced sewists, and I learn something new from them when I get to see them, which isn’t often enough.

    So now, I have a backup iron (yay for samples from the former day job!), and now my little green Hello Kitty machine is my backup…and my traveling machine. Yes, there are times when going on road trips, my little green machine and my tabletop ironing board get tucked away in our car rooftop box (aka, The Hat) for me to “work” when on the go.

    I wasn’t anticipating buying this machine. I had read many, many reviews and was actually considering buying another Janome. Mostly because I was like, “Come on, Holly, grow up and buy a grown-up machine.” I wasn’t planning on upgrading until, well, around now (late summer).  

    I was planning on visiting the local shop that fixed up my green Hello Kitty machine last Fall, plonking down a moderate investment, and walking out with a new favorite machine.

    But then in May, zulily had the same Hello Kitty Janome you see above, the one I was considering…


    While I try to shop locally and support my fellow entrepreneur as much as I can, as an entrepreneur myself with a limited budget, it would be stupid not to jump on this opportunity.

    So I bought it.

    I love zulily and I hate zulily. I love that they have a variety of awesome goods for moms, babies, and the home each and every single DAY.

    I hate zulily because it seems like their items take forever and a day to ship.  

    I wasn’t impatient on jumping into a new machine, but was more worried about it walking off my doorstep once it finally did arrive.

    Especially if it comes shipped in a box like this:

    Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.48.04 AM

    Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.48.12 AM


    “So,” you might ask, “how does it sew?”

    Beautifully. It’s a vast improvement from my little green machine. Being a bigger machine, it makes my desktop wobble a whole lot less, it sews through multiple fabric layers like it was nothing, and, like my little green machine, it’s super duper easy to thread.  

    Plus, it’s CUTE! Yay for functional and fashionable.

    So, no, I did not do a large upgrade to my machine with computerization or other bells and whistles, but as my business slowly grows, I am perfectly fine with slowly growing my machine collection with it.

    Until I run out of space for extra machines…two might just be my limit.

    And besides, I’ll have time to “grow up” later.

    Like when I’m dead.

    Check out the machine details below!

    Holly Marsh
    Holly Marsh

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