• Update from Astoria!


    Hello there. 

    *Carefully brushes off cobwebs on blog*

    Why yes, it's been a very long time since I've been in here. No, I didn't move to the Oregon Coast and literally fall off the face of the Earth.

    Things have been happening.

    Lots of things.

    Too many things.

    Things I would rather not bore you with, so I'll do the Super Succinct Version (ok, as succinct as I can be):

    • We moved to Astoria
    • It's been awesome
    • Everyone here is so nice
    • Even at the GROCERY STORE
    • The adjustment has been so, so hard
    • There are a shit ton of spiders here
    • Including one that caused us to get into an extremely minor car accident 
    • With a semi
    • We are all okay
    • The Boy is now terrified of spiders
    • And has stopped sleeping through the night
    • BAM has NEVER slept through the night
    • Both proceed to leapfrog one another in night waking
    • To where I am up every hour
    • My studio is still in boxes
    • My serger broke in the middle of a project
    • I am behind on wholesale orders (but getting caught up fast!)
    • The Boy was not doing well at his new school
    • So we pulled him and took him to a new new school
    • He has been doing much much better
    • BAM is almost crawling
    • He now has four teeth
    • I got into Crafty Wonderland in December
    • Rob loves working from home
    • The cat loves being an indoor/outdoor kitty
    • Our neighbors are lovely and nice
    • We live in a GORGEOUS place

    Whew! That's a lot!

    It feels like SO much has happened in the last two months, because it has. 


    There's a crapload of new items in the (Etsy*) shop. I intended on doing an inventory before we moved, and that totally did not happen. When you're in the midst of preparing for craft shows, you don't really make time to photograph and post the new items they are online now. From May. 

    *They are on Etsy, but soon to be in the Shopify shop! I have to do a little more legwork to get items listed in my own shop. :)

    So, if you're planning to move, godspeed. If you're thinking about it, DON'T do it! If you already have and know the hell that is moving with two small children and a small handmade business, I raise my Oregon-Coast-brewery beer to you, as we are kindred spirits.


    Holly Marsh
    Holly Marsh

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